IrisCTF is a 48-hour Capture the Flag competition organized by IrisSec . IrisCTF takes place the first full weekend of every year online, and features challenges in the disciplines of reverse engineering, binary exploitation, web exploitation, cryptography, radio frequency, networks, forensics, open-source intelligence, and more. IrisCTF is meant to be, above all else, a fun, lighthearted, and educational experience for all.
Proudly sponsored by:

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Winners will receive:
  • Top 5 teams will each receive 3x commemorative tokens.
  • 1st: US$256 cash, first pick in the prize pool.
  • 2nd: US$128 cash, second pick in the prize pool.
  • 3rd: US$64 cash, third pick in the prize pool.
  • 4th: fourth pick in the prize pool.
  • 5th: last pick in the prize pool.

Prize pool:
  • HackTheBox: 3x 1 Year VIP+ + 3x 1 Month Prolabs
  • HackTheBox: 3x 1 Year VIP+
  • HackTheBox: 3x 6 Months VIP+
  • Art of Problem Solving: 4x US$25 Vouchers
  • Taskade: (n)x 3-year Starter Plan Upgrades

We will additionally host a post-event writeup competition where US$20 cash prizes will be rewarded to the top 10 writeups.

Prize fulfillment is on a best-effort basis. We will try our best to fulfill all prizes, but restrictions on some countries may make this difficult to do. For commemorative tokens, we ship based out of the United States and Germany.

  • Refrain from sharing flags or solutions with other teams before the end of the event.
  • Attacking, DoSing, or otherwise deliberately harming the event infrastructure is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban and block from the event.
  • Refrain from bruteforcing anything hosted on the event infrastructure, including flag submissions.
  • The flag format is irisctf{flag_string} unless otherwise stated.
  • The event starts on 6 Jan 2024 @ 00:00 UTC and lasts for exactly 48 hours.
  • One account per team. Your team shares the same account.