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I downloaded a video from the internet, but I think I got the wrong subtitles.

Note: The flag is all lowercase.

By: rph
skat's SD Card
167 Points

"Do I love being manager? I love my kids. I love real estate. I love ceramics. I love chocolate. I love computers. I love trains."

By: skat

JoSchmoTechCo's server got hit! The folder containing their super duper important company secrets is all locked up. Luckily, the sysadmin was smart enough to be capturing the network traffic and take a memory sample when the whole ordeal went down.

The victim user, in a flurry of blind panic, also typed something after the damage was already done. We have an image of the disk after the event. Can you recover their files and find out what the victim typed?

Note: the malware contained is rather innocuous, but it's still a bad idea to run untrusted programs off the Internet. Please don't do that.

If your download speeds for the attachment are really slow, try our mirror download .

By: skat

I was putting all my important items into a chest when Minecraft crashed. Now when I load my world, the chest is empty. Help me recover it's contents.


  • Game version: 1.20.2
  • You don't need to own the game to solve this challenge

X: 104, Y: 63, Z: 248

By: rph
What the Beep?
478 Points

A strange beep sound was heard across a part of the San Joaquin Valley. We have the records from some audio volume meters at various locations nearby that picked up this event. It's understood that the original sound was about 140 dB at the source, but can you find out where it originated from?

When you find out, submit the coordinates to the answer checker service to get the flag.

Note: you may assume perfect conditions.


To simplify your math, you may assume the sound intensity is 140dB at 1 ft away from source. You only need to focus on the beep part of the graphs -- the parts left and right of it may be disregarded. Do not overthink!

By: skat
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Last week, we detected some suspicious activity on the network from outside actors seemingly targeting our servers. We received a ransom email over the weekend, but IT didn't open it up until Tuesday afternoon and verified the stolen data as authentic. We thought the attackers were bluffing since we ignored the email for days, but lo and behold, our systems were indeed encrypted Wednesday afternoon!

How did the attackers know when we opened up the email?

By: skat
Lost and Found
500 Points

I found this ID card on the ground near some train tracks. It's a bit dirty, and the card is all scratched up! I took some pictures before and after a light brushing, and I'd like to find the owner. Can you find out who it belongs to?

Note: this is not an OSINT challenge. The flag format is irisctf{firstname_lastname} . The flag is not case sensitive.

By: skat