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Sir Scope
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This circuit used to write out the flag using an array of 8 LEDs, but the LEDs are all burnt out now.

By: skat

No more modarchive. Find the original title of this song which has been redacted from this file.

Format: irisctf{never_gonna_give_you_up}

Answer: Back to Basics by RazorBlue6

By: nope
Voice Lock
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I need to get into the "Vault" to grab some files, but only my co-worker has access. Too bad she's sick right now and her voice is pretty much gone. If only my favorite indie artist Victoria Bigelow was here, she sounds just like my coworker...

Note 1: The server uses pow to prevent spamming the server. Please try not to overload the server and only make attempts when you're ready. Thanks!

Note 2: You do not need to use any paid services to solve this challenge.

By: nope

Oh no! The keys on my piano are all scrambled. Can you help me put them back together?

By: nope

Keep searching that same website for this next challenge.

Note: You might need to use API calls or programming. Do NOT spam requests to the server.

Answer: AERP - Automatons Equal Rights Policy by brightentayle

By: nope
Secret FBX
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I bought this 3d model on Deckfab, but I can't seem to open it in blender. I found a forum post where people recommended using the Autodesk FBX Converter, but even that had a weird error. Did I get scammed, or is this just skill issue?


Please use the 64-bit version of FBX Converter instead of the 32-bit version

  1. What is so special about the FBX? What is the error in the FBX Converter?
  1. What other tools besides FBX conversion are in the FBX Converter?
By: nope