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Iris and her assistant are away on vacation. She left an audio message explaining how to get in touch with her assistant. See what you can learn about the assistant.

Transcript: Hello, you’ve reached Iris Stein, head of the HR department! I’m currently away on vacation, please contact my assistant Michel. You can reach out to him at [email protected] . Have a good day and take care.

By: Lychi

Security questions can be solved by reconnaissance. The weakest link in security could be the people around you.

By: Lychi
Czech Where?
50 Points

Iris visited this cool shop a while back, but forgot where it was! What street is it on?


FYI: flag is all lowercase and _ for spaces. Please remove all accent marks if there are any. Wrap your answer in irisctf{} .

By: Lychi

Recently, Iris's company had a breach. Her password's hash has been exposed. This challenge is focused on understanding Iris as a person.

Hash: $2b$04$DkQOnBXHNLw2cnsmSEdM0uyN3NHLUb9I5IIUF3akpLwoy7dlhgyEC

The flag format is irisctf{plaintextPassword}


Hi everyone, here are hints for the last osint challenge with the password hash.

Focus on Iris and what she finds important!
There are three words (not letters, but words), and a certain amount of numbers following it
There's no leet words, proper capitalization nothing like (ExAmPLE), no special characters as well like -,! etc.

If you find a specific date, do not include the month'a name into your word list. Just use the numbers!!


Please, don't spend time looking for database breaches.

By: Lychi